Super Teacher's Job is Never Done!

Super Teacher's Job is Never Done!
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Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. ~ Author Unknown

My goal is to reveal one teacher's humble journey of self-reflection, critical analysis, and endless questioning about my craft of teaching and learning alongside my middle school students.

"The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called 'truth'." ~ Dan Rather

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Critical Explorers -- A Blog Worth Reading!

Check out a former colleague's message and blog -- definitely worth your time:

There's a new comment on my most recent Critical Explorers blog post asking for experiences related to using critical exploration to strengthen learners' executive functioning capabilities. Eleanor, Alythea, and I are wondering whether anyone on this list has anything to add to the discussion. If you do, please feel free to post a comment to the blog post in reply, or e-mail me so we can add your wisdom to the thread. Thanks!


Question (from Jen Killpack): "I’ve really enjoyed reading this discussion! I’m going to throw out this idea and would LOVE some feedback from anyone interested. I’m working on my M.Ed. right now and my research interest is along this line. I’m wondering about the success of CE with students who have Executive Function deficits (e.g. ADHD, TBI). My thinking is that it will be (is?) highly beneficial in allowing the natural tangential thinking that sometimes occurs to the student’s benefit. I think that CE might also allow these students to strengthen their executive function capabilities. Eric Amsel and I were talking about it tonight (he’s on my committee) and he agreed that it might work counterintuitively… I think it’s a natural fit. Am I way off base? What do you all think? Have you any experiences that might speak to this?"

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